The Company is committed to achieve the highest standards in engineering excellence by introducing and marketing superior quality products with international manufacturing standards.

Our Quality Control Department has experience in design, development and testing of products and are on hand to assist customers with their product development program during testing.

Turboo Air Compressors are available from 1 H.P. to 30 H.P. movable or stationery electric, belt driven, air-cool single or two stage, direct connected, oil free noiseless.

Everyone at Turboo Air Compressor from the engineers to the sales staff, has the experience, skill and dedication team to provide customers, finest quality and service anywhere. Our engineers and technicians ensure that each machine is designed to package products in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our highly skilled mechanics take pride in precisely assembling quality parts into exceptional machines. Our trained technicians check each assembled machine to see that it is operating perfectly before it leaves the plant. Finally, our sales staff utilizes its extensive knowledge to ensure that customers receive the right product for their needs.

Our product is currently supplied to many companies in India, being famous in Air Compressor market for good quality and favourable prices. The design of our compressor is simple, reliable, European standard and universally accepted with advance technology. We hope to be able to spread further into new markets, and therefore sincerely look forward to your enquiries.

We have been supplying our products to various pharmaceutical, textiles, automotive, electronics, Ceramics, paper, Hospitals, food, medical and glass industries.

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